Vitrue is a company that helps businesses and organizations use social media successfully. Their motto is “We Make Brands Social. This means the company will guide and teach the businesses how to engage and interact with consumers by using social media. Vitrue’s customers are from various marketers such as, Chick-Fil-A and Arby’s, publishers such as, facebook and MTV and agencies such as, Olson and Mediacom Interaction. Vitrue gives companies a strategic approach of how to go about connecting themselves and their brand to their consumers on a personal level. They provide companies with “…the tools, the team and the technology.” Some tools include: review and approve consumer submitted content, manage and communicate with the members and provide site management tools. The team includes an Engagement Manager and several project managers that will help a company turn around its communication in 30 days. The technology is up to date, reliable and safe. The people assisting the companies are experienced with using the technology as well.

Reggie Bradford, the CEO of Vitrue, wanted his customers, who needed help with their social media use, to see examples of what makes a company good at using social media successfully. He came up with the Vitrue 100. This is a list of the top social brands of 2008. These companies have used social media such as blogs, social networking and video sharing successfully in connecting and starting a conversation with their consumers. A company that made it high up the list was Disney, a company that I spoke of in my previous post. Disney was #4 on the list which is great for the company. It shows that the company knows what it is doing in connecting with its customers. Momspanel is a perfect example of Disney using social media to start a conversation with their brand in a positive way. (For more information on momspanel, go to my previous post.)

Reggie Bradford talks more on the Vitrue 100 and what made those companies on the list stand out above the rest.

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