Going off from my last post on moms, I thought I would talk about how the mothers at Disney are communicating to each other. Millions of families travel to Walt Disney World every year. Many of these people being first comers to the Disney theme park have had many questions and concerns about the park, but have had no one to turn to for advice and answers. Disney, however, came up with a brilliant idea to fix this problem and created Momspanel.

Momspanel is an online question & answer forum made for moms by moms. On the forum, parents can submit questions on any topic about Walt Disney World, and one of the nine moms will respond with an answer. Peoples’ questions range from not knowing where to make reservations, to not knowing if they should buy a dining plan or wondering what the weather will be like while they are there. Parents can search topics that people have already asked questions about such as, planning & budgeting, theme parks and shopping & nightlife. You can also read biographies about the panel moms.

Disney, in my opinion is a brand people trust and believe in. The Momspanel is a way for people to show that. Duncan Wardle, the head of global PR at Disney decided to not monitor comments written on Momspanel. This was a great choice, in that when there is a negative comment being said about Disney, there are twice as many people defending Disney and disagreeing what that person has said. Parents are being honest in how they feel about the company. Momspanel is also a way to stir up word of mouth. All of these moms on the panel have such great things to say about Disney, so anyone who goes on the forum will see that and probably be more likely to go to the park.

Below is a video of Wardle talking more on Disney’s Momspanel.

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