In my previous post I talked about word of mouth and word of mouth marketing, but purely by definition. Now I am going to give a concrete example of how an organization uses word of mouth successfully.

Over the counter drug abuse among teenagers is not as well known or talked about as often as other drug abuses. One of the over the counter drugs abused is cough medicine. Kids taking much more than the recommended dose get high off of dextromethorphan, the ingredient in many cough medicines.

A group of women that are trying to do something about this abuse are the Five Moms. The Five Moms are from all over the country, and have completely different professions, but they have come together to support a common cause. Their mission is to “spread the word” to parents about cough medicine abuse.

The Five Moms’ word of mouth campaign is a perfect example of what WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) promotes and wants companies to start doing. (I spoke of WOMMA in my previous post if you would like more background on the organization.) The idea is that these Five Moms will tell five other moms about this drug abuse problem, and then those five moms will tell another five, and so on and so on. This innovative word of mouth tactic has become very successful. If a mother knows her child is at risk for something, she is going to feel strongly against that risk. Moms are going to want to pass on the message to other moms because they feel passionate about this drug abuse issue. They are going to want to save not only their children, but the children of their friends, family, coworkers and beyond.

The Five Moms’ website is a great tool to stir up word of mouth. It discusses how to talk to your children about over the counter drug abuse, it tells you how you can take action in your community, and there are also testimonials from teens who have abused cough medicine. These things will get parents interested in the subject and make them want to reach out to others. When there is a cause someone believes in, they will want to share it with as many people as possible.

In the video below, Andy Sernovitz, the author of Word of Mouth Marketing, who I talked about in my last post, interviewed a couple of moms who are involved with the Five Moms campaign. The moms talk about what they do and why they think this campaign has become such a success.

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