In my first post I discussed interactive marketing and the importance for companies to reach out to their customers in search of feedback and opinion in order to make their company better. A way to stimulate interactive marketing is by word of mouth. Word of mouth is where consumers give information about a company to others,  making something about your company or your company itself better known, hopefully in a positive light. In order to start this word of mouth, companies must use word of mouth marketing. This is where a company gives consumers reason to talk to others about their company because of something they have done to spur conversation.

In the video below, Andy Sernovitz, the author of Word of Mouth Marketing, discusses Potbelly’s sandwich chain and their successful word of mouth marketing technique.

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Potbelly’s coupon idea is just one of many great word of mouth marketing ideas. The goal is to initially reach as many people as possible. If a person thinks there is something great about a company, they are going to want to tell everyone they know. The company puts word of mouth into motion and the customers do the rest.

WOMMA, or the Word of Mouth Marketing Association is dedicated to teaching and informing people about word of mouth marketing and showing how to use it correctly. WOMMA members consist of marketers, agencies, researchers and practitioners who are committed to honest word of mouth marketing. Their website provides resources such as, an influencer handbook, a buyers guide and also gives a list of recommended books to read related to word of mouth marketing. WOMMA also hosts many events targeted at helping companies use word of mouth marketing. There is a video on their site that was filmed at a WOMMA event. People give their feedback about the event and discuss what they have done with word of mouth marketing. The video also discusses WOMM-U, or word of mouth marketing university. WOMM-U is a two day conference where you get to hear major brands talk about their word of mouth practices. An intimate roundtable setting is provided where people can have a one on one conversation and of course there will be presentations and workshops. The conference will be May13-14 2009 in South Beach and you can register online. Below is the WOMMA video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.