Video communication is an innovative way of interacting with other people. When you are physically miles away from someone and can’t meet up in person, video communication is an alternative way to be face-to-face while talking.

Skype is a well known video communication system that is frequently used. It is free and can be easily downloaded; all you need is a web cam. A newer video communication system is OoVoo. It has many of the same features as skype, such as video calls, instant messaging, sending calls and messages to phones as well as sending and receiving voicemails, however, it has a few significant differences.

Here is a lighthearted promotional video for OoVoo.

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OoVoo allows you to video chat with up to six people at a time. This is not only a great way to keep in touch with old friends and family, but it is useful for corporations and businesses as well. Although internal blogs are useful and should be continually used, OoVoo allows CEOs to talk face-to-face with other top executives of their company. Instead of having a physical meeting, this makes it easier for communication and is more effective and useful than phone calls. A CEO can also use OoVoo to talk with a whole room of employees from another state or country. The CEO will be more engaged with his or her employees and know first hand what is going on despite the space barrier.

OoVoo’s other features include, web video call, high resolution video, video call recording, video messaging, phone calls and text chat.

Shel Holtz discusses OoVoo in one of his posts titled OoVoo Has Big Potential. He used the six person video chat and said everyone came in loud and clear and that OoVoo gives Skype a run for its money. He talks about the web video call feature that allows you to video chat with friends who don’t have OoVoo and overall speaks highly of the online communication.

I predict that video communication is going to be more frequently used and will replace telephone conferences. It is an interesting new technology that businesses should look into getting.