Feedback is essential to creating successful interactivity. Knowing how a customer feels about a product, service or the company in general is important for that company to succeed. Although positive feedback is great and shows that people are happy with the company; negative feedback has its own benefits. Companies are always looking to improve, and in order to do that, they need to be able to pinpoint exactly what needs to be changed. This is where negative customer feedback comes in.

Social media allows consumers to express what they like and/or dislike about a company. It isn’t enough however for a company to just listen to the problems customers encounter. The company has to take that information and actually implement the changes that need to be made. In The Positive Side of Negative Feedback, Aria White discusses reasons why companies should pay attention to negative feedback. If a complaint from an unhappy customer is ignored, that customer will pass on the negativity he/she has experienced. This word of mouth phenomenon will make the company lose customers and not regain others. Also, negative feedback will attract a company’s attention to a problem that otherwise would not have been noticed or known. Reacting to complaints will make a company significantly better.

On the blog, Web Strategy by Jeremiah, a frequently asked question is, “what if someone leaves a negative comment on my site/blog/forum?” Jeremiah Owyang answers this question by giving three advantages of receiving negative feedback:

You’re in the Know: It is better for you to be the first one to know what is wrong. The information is coming straight to you which gives you a chance to do something about it. Also, it lets time pass before other outlets let out the negatives of you, your company, blog, product etc.

Involve Them: After receiving negative comments, embrace them and do the correct changes. Most of the time these comments are trying to help you make your company, blog, product etc. better. When the right changes are made, these customers will become even happier with you than before. They will see that you listened to them and took them seriously. The word of mouth will be in your favor.

Opportunity: It is an opportunity to fix something that needs fixing. It is the smart thing to do to respond to negative feedback. Having happy customers is the most important thing and is something you should always be aiming for.