The most important thing a company can do to make an impact on a consumer, is to have effective communication. Although communication is essential, companies need to go a step further and actually have an interaction with the consumer.

According to Goran Vlasic and Tanja Kesic’s Analysis of Consumers’ Attitudes toward Interactivity and Relationship Personalization as Contemporary Developments in Interactive Marketing Communication, interactivity is important in a company’s marketing strategy. Interactivity is defined as a two-way communication between the company and consumer. The consumer gives feedback in result to the personalization and attentiveness the company gives to the consumer.

Marketing once had been an impersonal, one-way messaging system in which the audience’s opinion and response was not very important. Today, more and more companies are realizing the vitality of the consumer opinion. Social mediums such as Blogs are allowing the consumer to freely voice their opinion and are allowing the company to listen, respond and react to that opinion.

In Measuring Consumer Interactivity in Response to Campaigns Coupling Mobile and Television Media by Robert Davis and Laszlo Sajtos, they discuss how consumers use their mobile phones to interact with television content. For example, viewers are encouraged to respond to advertisements by sending text messages or video messages to interact with the brand. In other words, when a television show is going on a commercial break, viewers will be asked to vote on something through online or text message services. This allows companies to gauge how perceptive, active and trusting their customers are by looking at the amount and immediacy of messages they receive.

Although this is a different form of interactive marketing than blogs, this form of interactivity can be successful in its own right. E News Online is a great example of this television interactivity marketing. There is a section that allows viewers of “E News” to go on their website and vote for who they thought was the best dressed on the Red Carpet. This is one way “E News” will be able to judge what their audience likes and how many people are devoted to them, by seeing the number of participants involved in interactive mediums such as this one. I, personally am an avid “E News” watcher and I participated in the voting, however, not because I saw the advertisement for it, but because I occasionally visit their website and I saw it there and it interested me. In the end, it doesn’t matter how the company convinces a customer to participate, it only matters that there is participation and therefore a form of interactivity.

I also found a great post from the “Influential Marketing Blog,” titled How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy. Something that I had not heard about before reading this post that I found interesting was content marketing. Content marketing is defined as creating content about a subject, then delivering a message about that subject that influences someone into buying or recommending that service. The author gives a list of six guidelines of how to use content marketing successfully.